Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Palawan/Mindoro Folksongs

A friend, Leo Marconi, texted me this morning re: Mindoro and Palawan Folk Literature, folk songs in particular. i am not so certain if he means the lyrics or the background of the song. Anyhow, as both of us were busy the early part of the day, i just told him i will try to help look for what he needs. I am not so certain neither with the documents i have seen, as i did Bukidnon Indigenous Poetry and i went to the site myself to collect.

Anyhow, it will always be a pleasure and an honor to be a help to those who are interested in indigenous poetry.

for Mandaya background, one can visit this link
this article will give you an ample background about the tribe. The tribe though can be seen in the MIndanao area but then as different studies had shown, this article can give you idea on the similarities and differences of this tribe to other indigenous poetry.

for Mangyan background, you can visit this link
this article will give you insights about the tribe's origin, their religious beliefs, their system of government and their culture and tradition.

Mangyan, here is another site that can enrich one's understanding about the Southern Luzon's tribe: link
this is an article pertaining the different Mangyan groups showing their similarities and diversities. This article is another proof that indeed the Philippine Indigenous Groups have a lot of common but then still they have their own uniqueness which the "majority" have to see and appreciate yet.

This link is a for the Mangyan group which helps preserve the culture. feel free to visit their site and i am certain they would be glad to be of help when it concerns the preservation of the culture and literature of the tribe.

This net article link will give you a recent discussion and description of the tribe.

here is a sample of Mindoro Folk Song taken from

(Oriental Mindoro song)

Di bagamaraming bulaklak saan man!
Makakapili ka Sarisaring kulay
Kung ang mapili mo'y ang bulaklak ng rosal
Di ibig pitasin sa sanga at tangkay Di bagama
Di mo ba gatanto na ako'y asusena
Ang hardinero ko'y si Ama't si ina?
Bago ka pumitas bulaklak sa sanga
Sa hardinero'y magsabi ka muna

The next three links will connect you to Filipino folksongs site:


Lastly, here are link1 and link2 that would connect you to the songs i have found in relation to Mindoro folksongs, but having read about the language and the people these seem to be Ilonggo songs, anyhow for anyone interested, i hope this helps still.

I hope these entries will help awaken all Filipinos that there is yet a great need to salvage our indigenous poetry. That we are very rich culturally, all we need to do is to acknowledge and appreciate it and finally WORK on it.

On my next entry, i will try to enrich my site through the article reviews pertaining the different tribes of the Philippines. I hope these links will enrich your appreciation and understanding of the need to preserve and cultivate the pride and respect each indigenous tribe deserves.


leo marconi said...

Instant text and instant post :-) Diche, all my thanks and appreciation. Your blog has a growing number of articles :-) great!
Keep up the good work.

Hmmm... you may also share about your artworks and reflections on them if there any

Anonymous said...

sana tag-isa ang palawan at mindoro.......project namin ang mga ganyang mga kanta eh......

Allan Evangelista said...

May lyrics nga po yong "ang hardinero"
Pero hindi alam pano kantahin? Kahit nota nya lang po sana kung meron?

Allan Evangelista said...

May lyrics nga po yong "ang hardinero"
Pero hindi alam pano kantahin? Kahit nota nya lang po sana kung meron?