Thursday, October 26, 2017

English 72

For English 72
For your get-away, remember to be accompanied by these thoughts:
1.      1.  Using all the poems for the final term, fill in the grid:
Title of Poem
Poet’s birthdate
Passing Away Date (if applicable)


 nth poem

2.      2.  Read the glass menagerie and write a formalistic criticism about it.

3.       3. Submit your work on November 3, 2017. Thanks. 

UNDAS activities for Philippine Literature

For Literature 11/ Philippine Literature
During the course of the break, I wish you to write on these:
1.       Write either a concrete poem or a sonnet about the family activity that you have had in relation to Undas.
2.       Collect at least 10 superstitious beliefs that your family/friends observe during the Undas. Write each belief in a rhyming couplet.
3.       Create a Cebuano/English/Tagalog flash fiction on a favorite childhood story in relation to Undas.
4.       Submit your encoded/printed work on November 3, 2017 (both for MWF and TTh class sched); not later than 4PM. Kindly place it on my table.

5.       Have  a good holiday! 

Saturday, October 7, 2017


English 72
                                                                                 Take Home Exam
1. Write all your answers a bond paper. Remember to staple your final output. 
2. Submit your output on or before 8:30 AM on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. Thanks:-)

Literary Work

Theme (Write in complete sentence)
Period to which it be-
Give at least three characteristics of the Period
1. KIsses

2. First Time he Kissed Me

3. To All Vertuous Ladies in Generall

4. Like as the waves..

5. A Complaint

6.  His Embalming to Julia

7. Blackberry Picking

8. Amoretti LXXIX

9. The Rhodora

10. An Epitaph….

II. Write a précis on any two of the following (10 points each) :
11. First Love letter                             12. Bonny Barbara Allen     13. On Her Loving Two Equally
III. Creating a map (20 points)
14.  Create a comic strip of the “The Conversation Between the Body and the Soul.
15.  Create the adventure map of Cpt. Murderer

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Friday, October 6, 2017

A week end to explore

For BSE4A and BSE4B

Write your answers in a one whole sheet of yellow paper. Submit your answers on Monday, Oct 9 2017, not later than 9:00AM. Thank you. 

This is a good time to apply the different theories and approaches we have learned all through the almost 4 years of being in the university :-) Let us enjoy and learn!

Answer as precisely and profoundly.
1.       For each of the Tao discussed in the classroom, create a couplet.
2.       Choose a personal Confucian teaching tackled in the classroom. Relate the teaching to your current personal situation.
3.       In Hoichi the earless, why do you think the ear was loosely treated by the priest believing the assistant would take care of it? How did it affect the whole story?
4.        What is the metaphorical importance of the title “Hoichi, the earless”?

5.       What does the “The Woman and Her Five Suitors” tell you about the nature of men and women (give at least 3)? Is it true up to this time? If yes, how? If no, why?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

BSEdFilipino 2A MTV Group

Hi again. Here is your grouping for your MTV which is due on May 12, 2017. Kindly upload your MTV to youtube and give me the link. Also, please submit a DVD of your project. Enjoy!

Song Title
ABINES, Krezel Joy Lagumbay
What a Wonderful world
AGSAOAY, Shaira Zaballero
Anak ng Pasig
BACULIO, Catherine Jordan
Karaniwang Tao
BADAR, Jessica Torres
We are the world
BECARO, Honeylene Letigio
What a Wonderful world
CAPIN, Rosita Tolod
CASULLA, Michellen Limbaco
Anak ng Pasig
ECONAS, Nove Anzene Mag-usara
Karaniwang Tao
ESTOR, Alissa Grey Bautista
We are the world
FLORES, Myzel Ann Arong
What a Wonderful world
FRANCISCO, Trisha Mae Salmone
GAHUSTA, Ronna Marie Escodero
Anak ng Pasig
GONDAO, Remelyn Ferolin
Karaniwang Tao
LAPU-AG, Rhea Segara
We are the world
LITERATUS, Jinky Abalos
What a Wonderful world
LONIO, Vanessa Joyce Holanda
MANINGO, Arjorie Mangubat
Anak ng Pasig
MELITON, Jeziel Leonor
Karaniwang Tao
MERCULIO, Christine Joy Cañas
We are the world
MILAGROSA, Shalimar Momo
What a Wonderful world
NARINGAHON, Leanne Ashley Tejares
OBQUIA, Cleandy Jane Repuela
Anak ng Pasig
ORIENDO, Merry Rose Jayma
Karaniwang Tao
PACLIBAR, Jerlie Barroa
We are the world
PALASOL, Michelle Dalangin
What a Wonderful world
PENDON, Jhan Ray Anonas
ROLDAN, Carla Jean Sequiña
Anak ng Pasig
SIMBULAS, Christheljane Aries
Karaniwang Tao
TATOY, Renato Ranque
We are the world