Thursday, April 17, 2014

Assignment for the long weekend

World Literature
1. Please read Aeneid and Divine Comedy.   
2. Kindly answer the remaining activities on epic in your workbook.
3. In  two short bond papers, draw your personal idea of what heaven and hell are .
4. in a short bond paper, create a comic script on the confrontation between Aeneas and Dido.
Have a blessed holiday!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


December 13, 2013

DR/Mr./Ms. (Name of your poet)

Dear Dr. Tan:

Happy Holidays!

We are _____________ and ___________, third year Bachelor of Science in Education major in English taking English 44 (Understanding Poetry) of Central Mindanao University.

As part of our requirements in the above mentioned subject, we are to interview a Filipino poet who we believe have great role in the flourishing of a special craft as well as a person who have  a great role in shaping the society.

In this connection, may request that you be our poet in study. We are interested in learning about the development of poetry in the Philippines and are particularly interested in meeting you as well as learning about you and the poems you have written.

We look forward to meeting and having an interview with you. Thank you and god bless us all!

Respectfully yours,

NAME 1                                                                                 NAME 2


English 44 Instructor

**** Have this paper printed and signed by me before you give it to your poet. I will be back on the 19th. See you then **** Read more about your poet and his/her poems. Further, if you have inquiry you can post your questions here in this site or better yet,  email me on the address I have given one of your classmates. Thank you.

Guide Questions

here are some of the questions you may consider asking aside form the personal information you would like to know about your poets.  You may or may not ask them from the experts, make certain though you have read and studies available materials written about them as well as their poems so you would have  a lot of things to discuss with.

Furthermore, you are expected to write a narrative report of your interview. Attach your interview guide as well as your revised interview guide together with your picture and Cd interview with your chosen poet. Good luck and enjoy!

Basic Questions (You may or may not ask all these):
1.       When did you start writing poems?
2.       Who are the people you think influenced you a lot in terms of writing style?
3.       Do you have any particular time of the day devoted for writing alone?
4.       What is your favorite subject to tackle in your work?
5.       Do you think poetry is a great vehicle to change the face of time? Can poetry really help change the world/country we are living in?
6.       Do you think poetry is a good vehicle to pursue a political or social belief? How could that be so?
7.       What is the advice you can give to a student studying poetry?
8.       Can you give us an advice on writing poetry? How can we improve our craft?
9.       Can any person become a poet? Is there any standards?
10.   What is the greatest threat a writer can encounter when it comes to his/her craft?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

English 12

Happy holiday! Sorry for the late post. Had a hard time with our connection- had a hard time posting your assignment.

Here are the things you are to do while I am away. You are to follow the instructions closely.
1.a. Watch the weekend episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya.
1.b. Summarize the episode and write a review of the said episode. Discuss why you like the episode and why you do not like it.
2.a. Read the extract of One Summer by David Baldacci.
 2.b. Pick at least ten new words from the article. Use each word in a sentence.
2.3. Write a reflection paper on the said story.
2.4. Write your personal experience which you think is similar to the experience of Jack.
3. Post your answer on 2.4 in this page. The rest, to be written on one whole sheet of paper to be submitted on Monday, May 6, 2013.
Have a very productive week ahead!:-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrill Me!

On this page, one would see the hands of future writers attempting their hands on thrilling and making their readers skip a beat of their heart..

Friday, August 31, 2012

The love story

For my students who are tasked to see with a loving heart, this is where you are to post your work. Lets travel and view the world of love through your eyes...

Monday, August 27, 2012

No Siak So Mangaro - a lovesong

Being married has shown a lot of good and not so good things to me and thus whenever we reach this song in our literature class, it brings me smiles. It brings a lot of good memories not only because of personal reasons but becasue this folksong, No Siak So Mangaro (IF I were to Love) has been very memorable to two of my (now) graduating students. For those who'd like to have some background of the translator to English of this lovesong, No Siak So Mangaro - If I were to Love, feel free to cleck on the link so you'd also know the genius of Dr. Perla Samson-Nelmida

Cultural night honors Dr. Perla Samson-Nelmida by Santiago B. Villafania

Ang Panimulang Paghahahanap sa Anacbanua sa Pagbasa ngPanitikang Folk/Bayan ng Pangasinan
ni Reagan Romero Maiquez

UPSP A Decade After: Revitalizing Pangasinan and The Blueprint for the Next ten Years

by Dr. Catalina L. Felicitas and ERwin S. Fernan

A Cultural Night for Samson-Nelmida

Pangasinan pays homage to her dame of Literature, Dr. Perla Samson-Nelmida

Dr. Perla Samson-Nelmida passes away.

I hope you would all find these links helpful to your understanding and appreciation of Philippine Folksongs:-)