Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend Task with the Fairy

Mythology and folklore

Hello there! To keep us enchanted, despite the distance, here is a way of getting intellectually connected still :-) 

1.       1. Choose your favorite fairy-tale. Look for at least three versions of the said tale.
A.      Using a flowchart, summarize each version of your tale.
B.      Fill in the graphic organizers below.

B1. Matrix


B2. Venn Diagram

        2.    Write a critique on one of the versions of your chosen tale.
        3.  Watch the movie Pan's Labyrinth. Write a movie review.

1.       Kindly encode your critique paper and movie review in a short bond paper, 1.5 space, arial, font 12.
2.       Task 1 should be written in a whole sheet of yellow paper.
3.       Be guided by the APA rules
4.       For task 3, upload your work in the comment section of this post not later than Monday, April 3 @ 11:59PM and submit a hard copy not later than Tuesday, April 4, 2017 5:00 PM.
5.       Gratefulness is blessed. Acknowledge all your sources.
6.       These instructions hold true to all sections on English 78 (ABEngl4, BSEdEng3A and BSEdEng3B)
7.       Enjoy the movie😊

Poetry and You

Happy Weekend!!

The following are the tasks so we keep on celebrating each new day.

1. Read the article The Problem with Poetry Students, and other lessons from Derek Walcott
             A. Create an outline of the article
             B. Pick out three important points in the article with which you agree and discuss  your                         agreement comprehensively.
2. Read the article How Lenin's love of literature shaped the Russian  Revolution
             A. Write a summary of the article
             B. Discuss 3-important points on the article. Discuss comprehensively how literature is said                   to affect the future of Russia
3. Write a reflective essay on how literature, poetry in particular affect/does not affect your life. 


       1. These must be encoded in a short bond-paper, font: Arial 12, and space: 1.5 
        2. Task number 3 must at the same time uploaded in the comments section of his post not later than Monday, April 3 while the printed version of your answer would be submitted on April 4 during our class. 
        3. Always acknowledge your source.
         Thank you,

BSEdEng3B Movie group

Stunning Group
Attacting Group
ANDO, Cynthia Villarta
BONE, Lorgen Tumala
CAHULOGAN, Melessa Dupeno
CALIMBO, Reah Vivienne Soria
CANTERE, Saira Jenfel Canunayon
CANUBAS, Aljun Cahulugan
DAWANG, Mae Ann Cailo
FEROLINO, Harritte Hope Logramonte
FLORES, Errol Brylle Tagudin
FUENTEVILLA, Sharenah Nazareno
GAITE, Criza Marie Gagarani
GALINDO, Eithel Orohela
HELLICANIA, Paola Moreno
LABTAN, Lilian Medalla
LITAO, Leah Mae Trases
LLOREN, Rica Quennie Javar
MANDANTEZ, Janlowee Cuizon
MAXIAN, Wezie Meliz
OLORES, Julius Ramos
OMBOY, Princess Abegaile Sumortin
PACULBA, Javen Ira Gesulga
PANGAN, Sharmaine Anne Ledon
PILAPIL, Ruthsan Russelle Trancillas
PUANSING, Mark Ellier Menchavez
QUITOR, Hanna Mhore Coronado
RACOMA, Quorrine Vya Cagamcam
RAMOS, Julianne Llagas
SADURA, Carlo Pagobo
SANG-AN, Faith Denize Wenceslao
SISON, Zerlen Joy Novilla
SOLIA, Dorothy Mae Delgado
TAGOCTOC, Aileen Palma
TAYLARAN, Adeline Libardos
TIIN, Joysie Okit
TINOHAN, Ethel Hope Agustin
TORRES, Gretchen Araquel
TORRES, Michelle Puyong
VELEZ, Keshia Pearl Hortelano

Movie Group BSEdEng3A

Gorgeous Group
Elegant Group
ACMA, Eufelna Maraon
AGAN, Trisha
ALEGADO, Ellen Cantos
ALVARIDA, Marie Grace Payla
BACUS, Faith Kimberly Tocmo
BAGALANON, Krystle Marie Dumaboc
BALAYO, Eunice Pardo
BALINO, Katherine Joy Noble
BIGBIG, Jeney Joy Tanginan
BORRES, Retzie Mae Jawod
CALAG, Glaiza Mae Pastias
CAMPECIÑO, Nathaniel Dave Sescon
CAÑEDO, Lovelyn Albarrasin
CARUMBA, Mia Shella Lago
CATURAY, Lorelyn Quintila
DE PAZ, Angelie Caharian
ENADAP, Jeshiel Caranay
GABRIZA, Danielle Sebial
GAMUS, Janwillen Sarbida
GILO, Fetty Jamis
GREGORIO, Shiela Mae Mobo
GUMBAO, Sunshine Benedicto
HERNANDEZ, Ferlyn Defamente
JOROMO, Angelbert Flores
LIGMON, Lucil De Luna
LITERATUS, Ella Queen Panzo
LLORENTE, Engelyn Pamat
LUNA, Maria Emma Lopez
MADERSE, Engelyn Lapiz
MAQUISO, Queenie Camarillo
MONDIGO, Jujie Ann Tablada
MONTEVERDE, Rethel Jane Arances
NALE, Lizhley Ann Calapan
PANDITA, Aliah Laurico
PASUCAL, Valery Porlonga
PONDAVILLA, Jessie Danna Delos Santos
PUSOD, Darchny Zate
RABACA, Mercy Laraga
ROSANO, Rica May Dotimas
ROXAS, Krizzia Jane Peligrino
SUARIN, Donna Marie Fabre
TAGUPA, Neil Medado
TALAROC, Jessa Estabas
TOLEDO, April Joy Jamera
VERGARA, Donna Lie Jauod

World Literature Weekend Tasks

World Literature

Good day! 

Kindly do the following tasks and submit your work on:

Monday (April 3, 2017) for BSEdFil2
Tuesday(April 4, 2017) for BSES2B

1.      1.  Read the On Love by Khalil Gibran and Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare. On a ½ crosswise 2. 2. Using the thoughts on the poems, write your own definition of love.
2.       3. Read the poem Money by Howard Nemerov. In a 1 whole sheet of paper, write a 1-2 paragraph criticism on the power money holds in the society.
3.       4. (By pair) Create a comic script based on the poem Apple by Plato. Draw your script on a short bond paper.
4.     5.   For BSES2B: Practice the song Love and Marriage and Honey by group. Each group should be composed of 10 members.  You can use any handheld musical instrument as an accompaniment but you are not allowed to use electronic/phone/cd/minus-one in the presentation on Tuesday (April 4, 2017).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Blasphemy

A Blasphemy

By Rodney Jones

A girl attacked me once with a number 2 Eagle pencil
for a whiny lisping impression of a radio preacher
she must have loved more than sophisticated or peace,
for she took the pencil in a whitened knuckle
and drove the point with all her weight behind it
through a thick pair of jeans, jogging it at the end
and twisting it, so the lead broke off under the skin,
an act undertaken so suddenly and dramatically
it was as though I had awakened in a strange hotel
with sirens going off and half-dressed women rushing
in every direction with kids tucked under their arms;
as though the Moslems had retaken Jerusalem for
the twelfth time, the crusaders were riding south,
and the Jews in Cadiz and Granada were packing
their bags, mapping the snowy ghettos of the north.
But where we were, it was still Tuscaloosa, late
summer, and the heat in her sparsely decorated room
We had come together after work was so miserable
and intense the wallpaper was crimping at each seam,
the posters of daisies and horses she had pasted up
were fallen all over the floor. Whatever I thought
would happen was not going to happen with any of the three billion women
of the world forever. This time it would take
for the first kindness was the wait for a Campbellite
to accept Darwin and Galileo or for all Arkansas
to embrace a black Messiah. The time it would take
for even a hand to shyly, unambiguously brush my own
was the years Bertrand Russel waited for humanism,
disarmament, and neutrality. And then she was
there, her cloth daubing at the darkly jellying wound.
In contrition, she bowed with tweezers to pick the grit.
With alcohol, she cleansed the rubbery petals.
She unspooled the white gauze and spread the balm of mercy.
Because she loved Christ, she forgave me. And what
was  that all about? I wondered, walking home,
through the familiar streets, and steeple of each church
raised like a beneficent weapon, the mark of the heretic
on my thigh, and mockery was still the unforgivable sin.

Nims, J.F. 1992. Western wind: an introduction to Poetry. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Epitaph of Nearchos
By Ammianus

Rest lightly O Earth upon this wretched Nearchos
That the dogs may have no trouble in dragging him out.